Our House

The Hawke’s Bay Opera House has a colourful history spanning over one hundred years: full of formative characters, lively debate and, of course, fantastic productions and events. As with any large-scale civic facility that has had such an impact on residents, the Opera House has always elicited strong emotions and opinions.

With this in mind, we have created the ‘Our House’ social media campaign.

Drawing on concepts of our own home, and the events that have taken place within those four walls it is hoped this campaign will encourage the community to reflect, share and celebrate personal stories, connections, thoughts and ideas about the space. ‘Our House’ gives ownership to the individual telling the story and connects them with this community facility.

Click the thumbnails below to see what we’ve heard so far . . .

To add your voice to the conversation, head-over to our Facebook page and upload your post today remembering to use the hashtags #OurHouse and one of either #MyStory, #MyConnection, #MyIdea or #MyThought.