Venue 5 StarEnviro Silver AwardHawke’s Bay Opera House is proud to hold Qualmark Five Star and Enviro Silver ratings and aims to maintain this high level of excellence across all areas of business.

We embrace our role as an active participant within the Hastings community. We strive to minimise environmental impact from our commercial operations while contributing in a meaningful way to the betterment of our beautiful Hawke’s Bay environment and the wider Hastings community.

Here’s how:

The Workplace

We have embedded responsible environmental practices into our workplace policies and procedures and day-to-day operations

  • A ‘Responsible Tourism and Environmental Statement’ is displayed in our reception area and around the building detailing simple but useful actions staff and customers can take to conserve energy, water and consumables.
  • Responsible environmental practices are part of our staff induction.
  • Environmental and sustainability issues are permanent agenda items at staff meetings.
  • We work closely with recycling and waste contractors to monitor waste reduction and recycling levels.
  • The Hawke’s Bay Opera House team are actively supported by the Hastings District Council waste minimisation team.

The Community

We play an active role in the community, from involvement in conservation initiates to supporting local business

  • Hawke’s Bay Opera House is an active supporter of the Landmarks Trust.
  • We participated in the native tree planting programme at the Roys Hill Restoration Project.
  • We are an active supporter of the Property Brokers Relay For Life Charity Auction.
  • The Hawke’s Bay Opera House sponsor venue hire reductions for charities and community organisations whose work benefits the local Hastings and wider Hawke’s Bay community.
  • We host familiarisation tours from Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) Tourism and Event Management students.
  • We sponsor the ‘Excellence in Independent Hospitality’ award at the annual Hastings City Business Awards.
  • A senior manager at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House is a current board member at the Hastings City Business Association.

Our purchasing practices

We manage and minimise waste through sustainable purchasing practices and the re-use and recycling of office and catering supplies

  • Recycling stations are situated around the venue for paper, plastic, glass and aluminium.
  • Recycled paper products are used in bathrooms.
  • Printer toner cartridges are recycled.
  • Information is emailed rather than printing and posting.
  • Double-sided non-colour printing is used wherever appropriate.
  • We have a recycling station for used batteries.
  • Cooking oil is strained and re-used before it is sent to recycling plant.
  • Safe food waste gets passed on in “pig bins” to a local farm.
  • Filter coffee and sugar cubes are used instead of individually wrapped packages.
  • Food is purchased in large orders as opposed to several small orders.
  • Food packaging containers are re-used for food storage.
  • Our caterers recycle non-confidential paper to a local school.


We minimise pollution through responsible cleaning practices and product purchasing

  • Foaming soap dispensers are used in bathrooms to control quantities used and grey water output.
  • Micro cloths and static mops are used for cleaning.
  • Chemicals used for cleaning are carefully measured and highly diluted.

Energy Consumption

We minimise energy consumption across the business from lighting, heating and cooling to travel and transport

  • We have undertaken an independent energy audit via Energy NZ to understand, measure and reduce our energy consumption.
  • Energy efficient lighting is used in all areas.
  • All lights in the Theatre are 60watt dimmable bulbs.
  • Seventy percent of the lights in the Theatre are turned off when there are no shows in

Water use

Our water use practices are aimed at reducing usage and maximising efficiency

  • We use dry static mops as an alternative to wet mopping where applicable.
  • Our outdoor floor scrubbing machine works on metered water consumption as opposed to wide nozzle spraying from a hose.
  • We have installed new hot water cylinders and the pipes moving water have been insulated. The hot water cylinders heat faster, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of water used.
  • The fountain in the plaza works on a reticulated system.

More Infomation

Sustainable design of the Plaza and Cushing Foyer allows best use of solar heating and natural light.

We survey our customers regularly to evaluate satisfaction levels.

We ensure the products we purchase are sustainable and locally sourced wherever possible

  • We abide by a robust sustainable purchasing policy.
  • We use locally sourced products wherever possible and encourage our contractors to do the same.
  • Our contract caterers (Dish Catering) use predominantly local produce.