The second time-lapse video of the earthquake strengthening work inside the Hawke’s Bay Opera House has been released this week. 

The team working on the foyer has exposed all of the old foundation beams and put in the reinforcing for the pouring of the new concrete beams. They will be tied into the old ones.

The foundation work has to be completed before work on sheering up the old unreinforced masonry walls starts.

This month the entry steps to the foyer staircase joined the art deco stained glass doors that were last month put in storage to keep them safe.

The work is “very much on schedule”, said Hastings District Council facilities and programmes group manager Alison Banks.

The $11.4 million two-year project started on August 2 with the removal of the original art from the safety fence in front of the opera house. That had also been stored and would be reinstated into the building precinct after construction was finished.

Hastings District Council has organised time-lapse videos of the work which are being uploaded to the Hawke’s Bay Opera House website monthly so residents can follow the progress.

To watch the videos see: