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Low res 670 x 410Want to know what advice Tim, (who plays Dickie Hart in the show) has for aspiring actors? Check out our “Fast 5 with Tim” below!

1. This play is about a farmer who moves to the city, would you describe yourself as a city or country kind of guy? 

“A bit of both really – but mostly the cities as this is where I have worked in the theatre all these years”


2. 80’s kids will recognise you from Playschool. How did working on this iconic show change your life? 

“Well would you believe people still say….”Are you the guy from Playschool?”….hell it’s only been 25 years!”


3. Favourite thing to do in your spare time?   

“Dine out”


4. Tips for any aspiring actors? 

“Stay in school!…No, kidding…….Do as much as you can, see as much as you can……and get yourself into the best training school that will take you.”


5. Describe Hawke’s Bay in 3 words? 

“Better than sex”.