Kate - photo2Our very own staff member, Kate MacKenzie (Ticketing Supervisor and Marketing Manager) has had her garment accepted into the World of Wearable Arts (WOW)…!

Kate - StudioKate has been an artist (painter) since 1999  but has always loved any form of art or creative process. What fuels Kate’s motivation and determination is the challenge of making something that no one has seen before and feeling the excitement and anticipation of its completion.  Kate’s been known to stay up all night completing projects – and this recent project was no exception. (Some of Kate’s amazing work is actually showcased right here in our Cushing Foyer!)

She is thrilled to be a finalist in the 2013 World of Wearable Art Awards (WOW), which means her garmentwill feature on stage at this years awards – how awesome is that!!?!

After coming to grips with the shock of hearing the great news, Kate remembers how mentally and physically tough the challenge was, “I nearly gave up 3 times, but my stubborn side kicked in. I decided after a little artist hissy fit one day that surely no one who gets through to the final was able to say it was easy? Therefore I decided to embrace the difficulties and see it as a “good sign”.

A far cry from painting, Kate soon realised she needed to find someone to help sew the central part of the costume, which was made of vinyl. She found an amazing dress maker from the yellow pages – Diedre Morgan who had successfully completed a sewing/designing course at EIT and had been sewing since she was 16. She also had help from local upholsterer James from HB Trim and Canvas, and Greg Harman Joinery.

Without revealing too much about her garment, Kate’s inspiration came from her childhood:  “a care-free catholic girl growing up in the 70’s, life was simple and easy back then – computers were just a twinkle in Bill Gates’ eyes”.  Her garment represents escapism from our recessional technical world and it celebrates the modernist style and free spirit of the 70’s era.

We all wish Kate the best of luck at the awards and cant wait to see the winning garment! Watch this space for more photos….!